Looking At The City Of Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville is not high up on the list of cities you think of when the state of Florida comes up in conversation. That being said, there is no good reason for this to be the case. Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the state and even larger than many much better known ones like Tallahassee, Tampa, or Orlando. While it might not have the cultural pizzazz of Miami, there is a lot to like about the city of Jacksonville and what it brings to the table.

So aside from population just what is in Jacksonville? For one, the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars are located in the AFC and are once again holding up a championship caliber team the city can be proud of. In addition to sports, there are wide array of city parks, state parks, and local parks and beaches that offer plenty of options for locals and visitors alike when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors and the diverse ecosystems that the state of Florida has to offer.

Hanna Park is an outstanding example of the coastal beach park that offers the full range of beach activities including beach volleyball, surfing, sunbathing, swimming, and fishing. Add in some well-built recreational areas and you will have no problem finding a space for a beach picnic or somewhere to pitch a beach tent to create that perfect shelter for your family to enjoy.

It is also worth knowing that Jacksonville is home to an outstanding city zoo. Whether you’re going there as an individual or have a family with little kids in tow, they are going to love the experience that the Jacksonville zoo brings to them. Many people were quite surprised by how Jacksonville’s version holds up in comparison to many zoos that larger cities brag about.

Located in the northeast part of the state Jacksonville is by far and away the largest city in the area and is just a stone’s throw from the Georgia border. While this can make it easy to forget compared to some of the more “known” cities in Florida because of their seemingly out of the way location, it is a fantastic city with a lot to offer.

Residents have a reason to be proud and there’s a reason that Jacksonville still boasts a healthy tourism industry. They have plenty to offer and that’s a trend that isn’t set to change anytime in the near future.